Health Concerns

Health Concerns

Spending too much time with technology can affect your health. If you spend too much time looking at the screen, your eyes and posture can get affected. If you don’t go out and play with your friends enough, it could affect your health.

Eye Damage Concerns / Computer Vision

  • Ensure your eyes are not drained while using computer screens
  • Take small breaks while using computers, tablets or phones
  • Always sit straight and maintain the right posture while using computer
  • Maintain the screens in the right position so that it does not damage their eyes


  • Always maintain the right posture while using computers, laptops, tablets, videogames or cellphones
  • Place your foot and the head in an accurate position
  • Take breaks to stand up and keep arms at a right angle
  • Place your head balanced on the neck and ensure it is tilted back or to the front the right amount

Lack of Physical Activity

  • Spend one hour a day in a physical activity
  • Play games that involve more physical activity
  • Go outside home, play and make new friends
  • Use stairs and always walk short distances