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Outreach programs

DMTI for Juniors offers a range of programs for schools based on their requirements. The bouquet of programs touches upon issues ranging from cyber-safety to positive uses of technology.
Our programs are designed in multiple formats such as story-telling, puppet shows, expert talks, workshops and many activities. Some of the programs that are conducted in these formats are:

  • School Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Parents & Teachers Training

School Programs

Our programs offer cyber-safety programs for children from the age of 6 to 16 years. DMTI for Juniors has designed the curriculum based on extensive research with children and parents. We also tailor our programs based on the school’s requirements.

After- School Programs

If you think your school already has an extensive curriculum to cover, DMTI for Juniors also has short after-school programs that focuses on empowering children with tools and skills so that she can make better use of technology.

Parents and Teachers Training

DMTI for Juniors, is our initiative aims to make the virtual world safe for children. We also realize that this is impossible to achieve without the support of parents and teachers. DMTI for Juniors also holds teacher training and seminars for parents. We also provide handouts and resources for parents to our students.